Publication Ethics

Peer review assists editors in making editorial decisions and through editorial communication with authors can also assist authors in improving papers.

Article manuscripts submitted online to the Sahid Economics Journal will be examined by the editorial board regarding scope, in-house style, plagiarism. Manuscripts that meet the requirements Sahid Economics Journal will proceed to the review process which will at least be reviewed by reviewers with a double blind commitment. Reviewers are journal partners of experts with an interest in the journal field. The editor will send an e-mail to the selected reviewer regarding the title and contents of the manuscript, as well as an invitation to log into the journal's website to complete the review process. Reviewers log in to the journal's website to agree to review, download manuscripts, post comments, and provide recommendations. The review process by the reviewer is carried out at least in two weeks. The results will be returned to the author for further action. Eligible papers will be published in Indonesian or English.


Any short-listed author who feels unqualified to review research reported in a manuscript or knows that immediate correction is not possible should notify the editor and withdraw from the review process.


Every manuscript received for review is treated as a confidential document., not shown or discussed with others unless authorized by the editor.

Objectivity Standards

Review   is carried out objectively. Reviewers express their views clearly with supporting arguments.

Acknowledgments Source

Reviewers identify relevant published works that have not been cited by the authors. Any statement that the observations, derivations, or arguments have been previously reported must be accompanied by a relevant citation. The reviewer calls the editor's attention to any substantial similarities or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and other published papers.

Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

Privileged information or ideas obtained through peer review are kept confidential and not used for personal gain. The reviewer will act objectively and not be involved in a conflict of interest whether it concerns competitive, collaborative, or other relationships or connections with the author, company, or any institution related to the paper.

In the event that an editor co-publishes an article in this journal, it will be treated strictly with a rigorous and transparent review to minimize bias by asking another partner editor to handle the review procedure independently. The editor sends the reviewed article anonymously to uphold objectivity (Committee On Publication Ethics Case Number 05-22)