Focus & Scope

Sahid Economics Journal is a peer-reviewed journal with fully open access and its main focus is to provide a scientific basis for scholars, researchers and practitioners. Sahid Economics Journal aims to promote interdisciplinary studies and research in Islamic economics, banking, finance, and business. Sahid Economics Journal warmly welcomes interdisciplinary research. The journal publishes advanced and original papers with conceptual frameworks, analytical models and simulations, case studies, field research, and empirical research. Sahid Economist Journal published

manuscript which includes:

  • Sharia Economics
  • Syariah banking
  • Sharia corporate finance
  • Sharia finance issues
  • HalalScience
  • Sharia capital management
  • Sharia Accounting
  • Sharia Asset Management
  • Sharia Financing Management
  • Sharia equity management
  • Sharia portfolio investment
  • Islamic financial institutions
  • Sharia capital market
  • Sharia micro business
  • global Economic Recession,
  • Sharia Risk Management
  • Global economic recession, and
  • Other fields relevant to the scope of the economy,
  • sharia banking, finance and business.